Rue du Cabanot, Lapradelle.  Your weather.
Lapradelle lies within the 'Mediterranean climate' belt, so you can expect warm, sunny weather for most of the year.  There can be a cold fortnight around the turn of the year.  Otherwise, June, July, August and September are hot and generally dry.  Spring and autumn vary between warm and very warm.  The 'continental climate' belt starts around Foix, going inland, and there it is wetter and rather mixed.
Your weather at Lapradelle month by month.
The nearest weather station is probably at Perpignan, so you will see temperatures and rainfall figures on Because of the surrounding hills, the Perpignan figures may not apply precisely to Lapradelle, so please regard them as indicative.
2017-07-22 25°C
2017-07-23 27°C
2017-07-24 22°C
2017-07-25 23°C
2017-07-26 24°C